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    The Content

    “Of all the books I have de­liv­ered to the press­es, none, I think, is as per­sonal as the strag­gling col­lec­tion mus­tered for this hodge­podge, pre­cisely be­cause it abounds in re­flec­tions and in­ter­po­la­tions. Few things have hap­pened to me, and I have read a great many. Or rather, few things have hap­pened to me more worth re­mem­ber­ing than Schopen­hauer’s thought or the mu­sic of Eng­land’s words.”

    “A man sets him­self the task of por­tray­ing the world. Through the years he peo­ples a space with im­ages of provinces, king­doms, moun­tains, bays, ships, is­lands, fish­es, rooms, in­stru­ments, stars, hors­es, and peo­ple. Shortly be­fore his death, he dis­cov­ers that that pa­tient labyrinth of lines traces the im­age of his face.”

    , Epi­logue

    The con­tent here varies from to to / to to to to to in­ves­ti­ga­tions of or (or two top­ics at on­ce: or or heck !).

    I be­lieve that some­one who has been well-e­d­u­cated will think of some­thing worth writ­ing at least once a week; to a sur­pris­ing ex­tent, this has been true. (I added ~130 doc­u­ments to this repos­i­tory over the first 3 years.)